Best Romantic Asian Movies

admin February 9, 2018 Views 16

Hollywood is not the only ones who can produce good movies because Asians have their own way to reach people’s interest and up until today, they never fail to amaze the audience with their good story plots and clichés.

That is why this february, whip up the following titles from any movie streaming websites and watch it with your partner or even by yourself, if you want to feel more lonely.

Must Watch Romantic Movies

  • Windstruck – after dying, what happens to our soul? This Korean movie will show that it is possible to have an afterlife. With their love story combined with comedy, people will see that death is not something that will separate lovers.
  • My Sassy Girl – perhaps people looking for romantic and comedy movie at the same time would really love to watch this because of how the girl is being too handful for the guy, but, there is still something there.

  • Koizora – a japanese love story about a girl being in love with a guy, who is eventually trying to push her away for some reason. Would their love end as just puppy love, or maybe they are even more than that? Mikan and Hiro will answer that on the movie.