Ideal Movie Films To Watch At Your Backyard While Eating Barbeque

admin September 20, 2017 Views 39

So, you are the kind of guy who loves to watch action movies. There are plenty of action movies to watch and therefore, you should plan ahead or know by now the movies you are going to watch for the weekend. Oh, by the way, don’t forget your pizza and beer cans.

  • The good thing when watching online via is the fact that you can watch these movies for free. Imagine yourself together with your friends in your backyard, having barbeque as you watch The Avengers 2- The Age OF Ultron. This can be very fulfilling.


  • Okay, apparently, you are not a Marvel fan, good thing the DC world can offer you revelations prior to  Batman the killing of Joke. Perhaps, you know a lot of the Joker’s storylines, but wait until you watch this one. This is an original DC animation that you don’t want to miss produced by Warner Bros. Animation. The film flashes back from the Joker’s origin and who he really was before he became an insane criminal in Gotham city.

  • For action thriller, the mechanic resurrection is a must-see film starring the Krav Maga action star Jason Statham and one of the hottest women in the Hollywood industry Jessica Alba.